Deb Drake When experience and unparalled service matter!

Deb has been providing hair removal services for over 26 years. Her expertise in the field has lent itself to thousands of happy and hairless clients. She has continuously been noticed for her ability to provide unparalleled service while maintaining integrity in a comfortable setting. Her ability to diversify methods for her clients drives trusted referrals by both physicians and dermatologists.

Her dedication to her clients and enthusiasm for the industry is demonstrated by her:

  • Vast experience, certified hair removal specialist trained in the art of hair removal as well as the specific equipment being used.
  • State of the art equipment. The Light Sheer laser is of the highest quality and works well with all types of skin and has a cool tip for client comfort.
  • Clean, sterile, professional environment that is comfortable, safe, private and confidential.



Certified Electrologist – 1988.
Laser Training at Rocky Mountain Laser – 2000

What is Electrolysis?
What is the difference between Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal?

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I have worked with a number of laser hair removal specialists. I am delighted to have found Deb. She takes the time to choose the best procedure for me and she is current on the latest technology. I am having outstainding results and I highly recommend her to my friends.

— Helen I.